Bootcamp for KNIME Analytics Platform

For users new to KNIME and data science, or experienced users of other data science tools.

Teaching Data Science: A Short Course for Instructors

Tips and tricks for building great data science content

Career & Jobs in Big Data Science Zero 2 Hero A-Z New York

Understand Data Science Career and Jobs. Get introduced to Data Science course, career and salaries.

Coaching Course: Adv Analytics in R for Data Science Part 1

A Blended Learning Course in Programming

Learn Data Science With R Part 4 of 10

Machine Learning

Machine Intelligence Masterclass – an Algorithmic Overview

Learn the cutting-edge Algorithms in the field of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more!

What is Data Science ?

Fundamental Concepts for Beginners

Data Science 101 Data Analytics Class Python Bootcamp NYC

Data Science 101 Data Analytics Class Python Pandas Bootcamp (Non Programmers & Beginners at Wall Street NYC, New York)

R: Programming and Data Science

Become proficient in statistical and data analysis with R programming concepts

Learn Data Science With R Part 2 of 10

Loops and Functions